Research & Development

How to Get More from Your SR&ED Claim


You're leaving money on the table if you don't take full advantage of the federal government's massive tax credit program

How Lumenpulse Turns Bright Ideas into Innovative Products


Canada's Most Innovative Companies 2015: the Montreal firm leading a revolution in lighting

Why the Next Wave of Tech Change Will Leave Canadian Companies Behind

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Deloitte study suggests businesses are unprepared for the effects of innovation

Are Canada’s R&D Subsidies Too High?


Government handouts are too generous to be sustainable, according to a new report

The Real Reason Companies Don’t Innovate

man in white coat pouring orange liquid with into a glass

Increasingly, firms are outsourcing R&D to academia to save money and resources. Is it a savvy move or a serious risk?

Innovation: A Plane that Needs No Runway


A Toronto firm’s “hybrid hybrid” aircraft is poised to solve a problem Canadians know well: How to get stuff into remote places

Buy Your Way to Innovation


Trying to spark innovation at your business? Check out that other company...

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Budget 2014

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In an austere 2014 budget, some tax credits are lost. But new money is available for small businesses that know where to look

Making R&D Pay at Tax Time

Tax cut

CRA launches new online tools to help businesses that invest in research and development

The Missed Step That Dooms New Products

PROFIT Business Cast

Entrepreneurs looking to launch a new product or service often miss a critical step

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