Strategic Alliances

When It Pays to Work With the Competition

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The banks wouldn’t finance her business, so W100 winner Jane Gowing forged alliances with other construction firms. The result: Bigger clients and massive growth

How to Measure the Success of Your Channel Sales Program

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It’s about so much more than revenue. Vendors and channel sales partners should be tracking these key metrics

Why So Many Companies Are Looking to Partner Up Right Now


With economic growth slowing, the M&A and JV markets are heating up. But more informal collaboration is also on the rise

How to Get Your House in Order for a Channel Sales Program

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Three steps that will help you attract the partners you want

The 3 Steps to Choosing the Right Channel Sales Partner or Vendor

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Who you work with will determine whether your program succeeds or fails. How to pick wisely

Why Business is Better When You Do It With Friends

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What We Learned in 2015: Take it from Taylor Swift—everyone needs a squad

Why Industry Giants and Disruptive Startups Are Working Together


Big banks are starting to partner with the very fintech companies that formed to replace them

What Channel Sales Can Do for Your Business

Business Partners

Selling through partners can be very lucrative, but it’s not without its challenges. The first installment of our guide to building a successful program

Lessons from the Dragons: Partners Worth More than Money


A perfect partnership forms and two entrepreneurs face the fire on Dragons' Den Season 10 Episode 1

The Collective Approach to Financing Setbacks

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When an Ontario craft brewer couldn't get bank backing, it had to get creative