Team Building

The Problem With Creating “Healthy” Competition Among Your Staff


Rivalries that drive your workers to do better could just as easily ruin your culture. Three rules for contests that don't backfire

Why You Should Hire Whole Teams Instead of One by One

Illustration: Peter Arkle

It's unorthodox, but there are big benefits to recruiting a group that already knows itself inside and out

What You Can Learn About Collaboration From Eric McCormack

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

The Emmy-winning former Will & Grace star on the value of ego and working with other creatives

How to Get Your Finance and Marketing Teams Working Together

Businessman spray paints dollar sign on the wall

These two crucial teams have more in common with each other than they might think. What it takes to bridge the divide and increase your ROI

How to Set New Employees Up for Success From Day One

Photo: iStock

Unless you integrate them correctly, new hires can quickly flounder. Five tips for creating an effective onboarding program

Whose Job Is It Anyway?


Improv isn't just for Drew Carey. Making comedy up as you go along can make you more creative and help you bond with your team

Lessons in Motivating People Under Pressure From Curt Harnett

Team Canada chef de mission Curt Harnett. Photo: Bernard Weil/Toronto Star/Getty

How Canada’s chef de mission for the Rio Olympics led his team to peak performance

The Active Way to Build Your Team

Photo: CEFutcher/iStock

"Sweatworking" can be a good way to identify promising candidates and help co-workers get to know each other. Why mixing sweat and networking makes sense

How to Rally the Troops


Canada women's national soccer team captain Christine Sinclair on motivating a team to peak performance—even in tough conditions

How to Become the Ultimate Leader


26 skills every entrepreneur and manager needs now, with tips from the pros—including Canada women's soccer team captain Christine Sinclair—on how to develop them

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