PROFIT 500 2016: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Information Technology Companies

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Meet the 49 industry firms that made our annual list of rapidly-expanding businesses

PROFIT 500 2016: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Software Companies

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Meet the 59 industry firms that made our annual list of rapidly-expanding businesses

What Successful Startups Know About Sales


In the early days, many high-tech firms are focused on the product more than on selling it. Here’s why they should rethink that balance

Lessons from the Dragons: Winning a Winner-Takes-All Market


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Why Industry Giants and Disruptive Startups Are Working Together


Big banks are starting to partner with the very fintech companies that formed to replace them

Where Today’s Workers Want to Work


According to one new study, 70% of employees would quit their current jobs for one that offers workplace flexibility

Why Some Founding CEOs Demote Themselves

Nymi founder and former CEO Karl Martin with his company's pulse-measuring band. Photo: Chris Young/CP

As your company grows, management and day-to-day operations replace vision and product in your schedule. One entrepreneur's smart solution

The No-Tricks Way to Grow Your Customer Base

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Healthcare app Figure 1 has signed up nearly half a million physicians in just over two years. Three strategies the startup used that you can replicate

The 2015 PROFIT 500: Canada’s Fastest-Growing IT Companies

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The domestic technology sector has never been stronger. Meet some of the industry's fastest-growing companies

6 Keyboard Shortcuts That Save You Time

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Shave vital seconds off your typing sessions with these simple button combinations