Technology Trends

Will Mobile Payments Finally Take Off This Year?

Photo: LDProd/iStock

More and more consumers are embracing the much-talked-about technology, according to a recent Catalyst Canada annual study

Why Wireless Charging is Starting to Break Into the Mainstream

A Tesla Model 3 with an Elix Wireless E8K charger. Photo: Elix Wireless

As electric cars gain popularity, consumers and businesses alike are craving cord-free power

Why I Can’t Just Build You an App

Illustration: iStock

There is no such thing as a cheap and basic app. What it takes to develop a great one that delivers a meaningful experience to end users

What Retailers Are Offering to Try to Attract New Customers


Canadian sellers are investing in technology in an attempt to grow their sales and consumer bases

4 Cyber Hygiene Tips to Protect Yourself Online


A few simple steps can go a long way to guarding yourself from identity theft or a hack. How to keep your digital life clean

Would You Pay the Government in Bitcoin?


A Swiss town is set to accept municipal registration fees in cryptocurrency, but not all local businesses are following suit just yet

3 Thoughts on the State of Retail from AOL’s Resident Futurist

Photo: Gultaggen/Flickr

How is the business of selling stuff going to change? Marketing asked "digital prophet" Shingy

Why You’ll Soon Need to Build Your Own Bot

Microsoft's Skype and Facebook's Messenger apps on a smartphone. Photo: Patrick Sison/AP/CP

Forget apps. The future of business-consumer interaction is automated texting via online messaging services like Facebook Messenger or Canada's own Kik

5 Tips to Reduce the Risk of a Ransomware Hack

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Cyber kidnappers will gleefully lock you out of your files until you pay up. How to prevent that from happening to your company

Lessons from the Dragons: Are You All In?

Photo: CBC

Part-time entrepreneurs with a full-time success story, and a cost-busting fitness app on Dragons' Den Season 10 Episode 21