Technology Trends

Your Personal Sous Chef


Thinking of turning your culinary passions into an app? The smart kitchen is further away than you think.

Does Your CMO Know How to Use Big Data?

Photo: Tumpikuja/iStock

The availability of information about advertising effectiveness is skyrocketing, but many managers don't know what to do with it.

Why You Need to Climb the Ivory Tower

Photo: University of British Columbia

Stanford billionaire-academic David Cheriton on the optimal relationship between companies and universities

Square Wants You to Throw Out Your Tills

Photo: Shardayy/Flickr

Mobile payment facilitator is targeting Canadian SMEs with new services and personnel

A Satellite of Your Very Own

Photo: NASA

Startups are sending micro-satellites into space at a fraction of the cost of traditional ones

Don’t Pick a Mobile Payment Provider Just Yet

Photo: Paypal Canada

As paying for purchases with smartphones becomes more popular with consumers, services are battling for their business. Why you should wait and watch.

The Problem with the Internet of Things is the Things

Hand locks house with smartphone

A smart home is only as smart as the dumbest thing in it. Intelligent systems still have lots of room to improve.

The New Frontier in 3D Printing


The technology can now reproduce human organs—and Canadian businesses are leading the way

The Technology Saving In-Store Shopping


More and more retailers are using beacons to merge in-store shopping with mobile access to information—and data shows they work

Can Science Make Your Brand Cool?

(Illustration: Shout)

By watching what people click online, market researchers are harnessing the power of big data to spot trends before they happen. At least, that's the pitch