Technology Trends

The Obsolete Communication Tool You Can’t Afford to Use

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In the digital age, this desktop nuisance is a waste of space, money and productivity

How Perceptiv Labs Plans to Help the Drone Industry Take Flight

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Waterloo-founded firm bring autonomy to drone filmmaking

Why You Don’t Need Mobile Payment Capability Just Yet

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Canadians still aren’t keen on reaching for their smartphones at the checkout

A New Way to Know What Your Customers Are Thinking


People aren’t always honest about their emotions, but new software can detect what’s really going on

Why the Tech Industry Finally Wants Your Business Again

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The re-enterprization of IT could yield significant cost savings

Why You Could Soon Be Playing Supply-Chain Catchup

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3 Key Charts: supply chain disruptors, mobile preferences and growing Asian imports

Why Disruption Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Word

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The push-back against Uber discourages innovation by would-be entrepreneurs

One Creative Way to Future-Proof Your Business

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This unconventional approach to R&D attracts partners and grabs attention

The Smart Way to Respond to a Tough Market

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How a happy accident led one entrepreneur to discover a new audience for his offering

A New Solution to Small Businesses’ Funding Woes

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Marketplace lender funds B2B firms based on customers, not track record