Technology Trends

The Massive Opportunity of Driverless Cars

A test fleet of self-driving Volvos roams the roads of Sweden (Photo: Volvo)

Vehicles that drive themselves are coming fast, spurring massive changes for cities—and opportunistic businesses

What Happens When the Internet of Things Meets the Body?

Illustration: Sean McCabe

The new digital world knows who people are—and what they want. And that creates all sorts of opportunities

How Salesforce Plans to Bring Wearable Tech To Business


“This is as much a platform for business as the smartphone was,” CRM giant says

Stringent Digital Privacy Laws are Bad For Business: Report

Security concept: Lock on digital screen

New research reveals that cracking down on online privacy stifles competition and doesn’t always help consumers

Smart Ways to Use Technology to Build Your Business


17 super-useful tech tools that help the leaders of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies to expand

The End of Net Neutrality is Good for Business


Bandwidth hogs like YouTube, Netflix and Skype have had a free ride for too long. It's time to start paying up

The Big Business of “Connected Cars”

The dashboard of BMW's "connected car"

From transmitting data on how you drive to making your car an Internet hotspot, new vehicles are becoming truly intelligent

Why Have So Few SMEs Embraced Ecommerce?

Using a digital tablet for online buying, Shallow DOF

Only 20% of small- and mid-sized firms let customers to buy their products and services online. That's a problem in the digital age

Get to Know the Twitter of Tomorrow


The social-media powerhouse is making some big changes. Here's how your business can benefit

Meet Canada’s First Nudist Colony to Accept Bitcoin

An official of the Nudist Camp tells the cameraman to stop taking photographs.

“A virtual currency is perfect for people without pockets!” say operators of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park