Technology Trends

How Shopify’s IPO Could Help Ottawa Startups

Photo: Valerie Caviness/NYSE

The success of the e-commerce platform shines a light on the capital's technology resurgence

How Grabb Plans to Make Lunchtime More Efficient for Office Workers

Photo: Blulz60/iStock

App allows Torontonians to order ahead and skip the line during the lunch rush at restaurants

The New Technology Putting Middlemen Out of Business

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Blockchain could make transactions cheaper and compliance easier without the need for third parties

How Lumenpulse Turns Bright Ideas into Innovative Products


Canada's Most Innovative Companies 2015: the Montreal firm leading a revolution in lighting

Why the Next Wave of Tech Change Will Leave Canadian Companies Behind

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Deloitte study suggests businesses are unprepared for the effects of innovation

How Vanhawks is Shaking Up a Stagnant Market

Photo: Vanhawks

Canada's Most Innovative Companies 2015: Toronto company is building a durable smart bike

The Obsolete Communication Tool You Can’t Afford to Use

Illustration: CSA-Printstock/iStock

In the digital age, this desktop nuisance is a waste of space, money and productivity

How Perceptiv Labs Plans to Help the Drone Industry Take Flight

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Waterloo-founded firm bring autonomy to drone filmmaking

Why You Don’t Need Mobile Payment Capability Just Yet

Photo: LDProd/iStock

Canadians still aren’t keen on reaching for their smartphones at the checkout

A New Way to Know What Your Customers Are Thinking


People aren’t always honest about their emotions, but new software can detect what’s really going on