Technology Trends

Consumers Are Open to Location-Based Offers


A new study shows shoppers like the idea of receiving rewards and deals based on their whereabouts. Time to bring in the beacons

The No-Tricks Way to Grow Your Customer Base

Illustration: Spectral Designs/iStock

Healthcare app Figure 1 has signed up nearly half a million physicians in just over two years. Three strategies the startup used that you can replicate

A Futuristic Canadian Product Steps Into a Global Patent War

Darren Pereira, whose company Huuver has begun to sell its Uuboard brand of self-balancing electric boards online. Photo: Marta Iwanek/CP

A pitched battle is raging over self-balancing boards is raging, but Huuver's Darren Pereira isn't fazed

The Tasks Automation Will Take Over Next


Businesses are using artificial intelligence for work once performed by humans. Why automating white-collar work will offer a competitive advantage

Where Your Tech Team Spends Their Time


According to a new study, 76% of IT departments are too busy to innovate—they’re too tied up just keeping the lights on to think deeply about strategy

Why You Should Follow Your Staff’s Data Trail


Leerom Segal argues CEOs should pay more attention to the information generated by their employees. Klick used it to land a spot on the 2015 PROFIT 500

The Smart Way to Manage Your Online Accounts

Photo: iStock

Instead of carrying around a list of login credentials—or worse, using the same ones for every site—use a password manager

When Intellectual Property Matters More Than a Physical Product

A Nymi band sits on a table top at the company's Toronto offices. Photo: Chris Young/CP

Wearables company Nymi is competing with the likes of Samsung and Apple. Its survival strategy

What You Can Do to Prevent an Inside Job

Photo: Carl Court/Getty

How to foil an Ashley Madison–style hack by disaffected or disingenuous former or current employees

Why Bubl is Targeting Business Customers Before Consumers

Sean Ramsay

The Toronto-based creator of a 360-degree camera is focusing on commercial applications first