Technology Trends

Why B.C. is Betting Big on Technology

Premier Christy Clark delivered a keynote speech at the #BCTECH Summit in Vancouver on Monday, January 18. Photo: Government of British Columbia/Facebook

The #BCTECH Summit reflects the provincial government's focus on building a knowledge-based, innovative economy

8 Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2016

Photo: Beuna Vista Images/Getty Images

These developments, strategies and models will create huge business opportunities. Are you ready to cash in?

What Powers Vancouver’s Disruption Engine


Evolving B.C. tech startups are threatening to make "dinosaur" industries obsolete. What's driving them, and why it matters

The Top 10 Tech Buzzwords of 2015

Photo: Plume Creative/Getty

Someday soon, we’ll all be using gesture recognition technology to control our autonomous cars, wearables and drones. Until then, these terms are ones you’ll need to know

Why Industry Giants and Disruptive Startups Are Working Together


Big banks are starting to partner with the very fintech companies that formed to replace them

What to Do When You’ve Been Hacked

security breach2

Your response to a data breach can make or break your company’s reputation. Five steps to take if your cyber security has been compromised

The Independent Retailer’s Tech Advantage

SmallBiz Small Talk

Big chains are slow to implement innovation. How some small businesses are going high-tech to better connect with customers

2. Think Small (Not Big) Data


The 7 Things Every Small Business Needs to Do Right Now: Don't be distracted by the ‘big.’ Used right, data can give SMEs a killer competitive advantage

The Challenges of Creating a Technology Platform for Professionals

PROFIT Business Cast

Dr. Meghan Walker of Bright Almond on the tests her startup faced and how she overcame them

Consumers Are Open to Location-Based Offers


A new study shows shoppers like the idea of receiving rewards and deals based on their whereabouts. Time to bring in the beacons