The Case For

Why Personality Tests Should Have No Place in Management


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is all fun and games, but can create more problems than it solves

When It’s Okay to Cry at Work

Illustration: Peter Arkle

Tearing up occasionally isn't necessarily a sign of weakness. Why emotion has a place at the office

Why You Should Do More Five-Minute Favours

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Helping your colleagues and employees doesn't need to be a time-suck. The case for paying it forward in short instalments

Why You Should Leave Your Desk for Lunch

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Too many workers work with one hand and feed themselves with the other. The case for taking a mid-day meal break

How to Neutralize Your Meeting Hijackers

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Don't let one or two loudmouths monopolize the conversation. You'll need some note cards, Sharpies and plenty of tape

The Case for Letting Customers Go

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Customers hate dealing with the "retention" desk. Why it makes more sense to let them go and then win them back instead

The Simple Power of Writing Down Your Goals

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Why the best tools to help you achieve your objectives might be a pen and paper

When Long-Term Thinking Doesn’t Make Sense


Focusing on long-range goals can paralyze your team if they don’t know where to start. Try planning in sprints instead

Why You Should Treat Your Business Partnership Like a Marriage

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Staying out of the divorce courts sometimes means getting a third-party perspective on disputes

Why Exit Interviews Almost Never Provide Constructive Feedback


A departing manager is the last person who’s going to give it to you straight