The Exit

How to Sell Your Business for Top Dollar

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It may be priceless to you, but not everyone agrees. Six ways to ensure you get what you deserve when you decide to exit

An Entrepreneur’s Letter to the Minister of Small Business and Tourism

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A whole generation of small business owners will soon retire. Why Wayne Vanwyck believes more needs to be done to manage that transition

When the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Business is to Quit

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Conscientious CEOs must be prepared to walk the plank for the greater good in the event of a scandal

How to Make Your Own Exit Luck

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Don’t wait for a buyer to come calling, because they may never appear. Lessons from one entrepreneur's successful sale

3 Crucial Steps to Installing a Worthy Successor


A good leader knows how to make an exit. What to do when the time to leave your business draws near

You’re Selling Your Business. What Next?


Don’t hold on till the bitter end just because you’re scared of change. Seven steps to a successful post-exit life

How to Score a Hat Trick of Successful Exits

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In just over a decade, Ross Orrett led three companies to big-ticket sales. Three things you can do emulate his success

Why Female Leaders Make Better-Informed Exit Decisions


Women typically take a better approach to determination in crucial situations

Hard-Earned Advice on Securing a Successful Exit

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Two veteran entrepreneurs share lessons they've learned about how to profitably—and sanely—sell a company

The Most Valuable Thing You Can Do With Your Time


Few activities deliver stronger ROI than succession planning. So why don't more entrepreneurs make time to do it?