Why Donald Trump’s Free Trade Opposition is Canada’s Opportunity

Truck Crossing the Canadian - United States Border

The U.S. protectionist turn will be painful in the short term, but it's a chance for Canada to create economic ties elsewhere in the world

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The entrepreneur spent years building his upscale footwear brand in Canada through sheer force of personality. Can he do it again south of the border?

Why Methane Is the Hottest Thing in the Energy Industry Right Now

Berg Chilling Systems’ GTUIT methane mediation system. Photo courtesy Berg

The gas is exponentially more potent than carbon dioxide. It's also easier to contain. That means big business for firms that mitigate it

3 of the Most Important Lessons About the Economy From 2016


Pipelines took central stage at home, while protectionism came back into play abroad, with the election of Donald Trump heralding a new phase for free trade

Will Trump’s Tax Cuts Hurt Canada?

american money

The federal government is optimistic that the country can still attract talent and investment despite proposed tax breaks across the border

The Huge New Growth Market for Marijuana

Alan Gertner CEO of Tokyo Smoke at his business in March 2016. Photo: Nathan Denette/CP

Canadian pot producers could reap the rewards after voters in several U.S. states approved easing cannabis laws

What President Trump Could Mean for Canadian Small Businesses

Photo: Matt York/AP Photo/CP

Economic uncertainty and worries about rising protectionism could hurt firms operating in the U.S.

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Will the Next U.S. President Hurt Your Exports?

Truck Crossing the Canadian - United States Border

Canadian companies are expecting a modest uptick in foreign sales despite growth worries across the border, according to a new study