The most quirky, curious and (hopefully) useful workplace news you can apply to your organization

How to Say No to Work Without Being Rude


Advice on turning down tasks or requests for assistance from a butler

When You Should Be Skeptical of an Employee’s Sob Story


Triggering sympathy can help workers win negotiations. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in reverse

Why Distrustful Teams Do Better Work

Photo: iStock

A small amount of mutual suspicion actually leads to better group performance, per a new study

What Do Consumers See When They Look at Your Brand?


Some consumers associate human characteristics with emblems and logos, and buy accordingly

Why Group Rewards Beat Individual Ones


Recognizing team performance produces more cooperation and better work than celebrating individual employee achievements

What You Can Learn from an Ironman

Photo: Kagan McLeod

When you hit a wall, how do you push through it? Ask a 75-year-old triathelete

What You Can Learn from a Mall Santa

Illustration: Kagan McLeod

Whether it's customers or kids, overselling what you can provide always leads to disappointment

What You Can Learn from a Personal Trainer

Illustration: Kagan McLeod

A 20-year excercise veteran reveals the secret to making a new habit stick

Don’t You Know When to Quit?


Sticking with a task at all costs is supposed to show character. But a new study shows some people go on even when they should cut their losses

What You Shouldn’t Praise Employees for Doing


Used right, commendations can be a major motivator for your workers. But a new study suggests they may backfire in certain situations