Workplace Flexibility

What Non-Retirees Mean for the Workforce


The decision of 72-year-old railway executive Hunter Harrison to pursue a challenging new gig instead of retirement is emblematic of the changing shape of the workforce

6 Things You Can Do to Make Your Workplace Equitable for Women

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Changes that will make your company more female-friendly

Should Staff Have to Check Email After Hours?


The French government is clamping down on how much companies can ask employees to do outside the workday. Here's why that won't actually help people find balance

What Would Make Most Workers Reject a Job

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A new survey suggests that 61% of Canadian employees wouldn't accept a position that didn't offer this benefit

How Would Flexible Work Requirements Affect Your Business?

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A government proposal to allow federally regulated employees to request changes in hours and arrangements won't hurt small firms, the Labour Minister insists

Why You Should Stop Employees From Working on Vacation

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Too many staff spend their time off checking in. How employers can discourage such "workcations"

Why It May Be Time to Cut the Landline

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With workforces becoming increasingly mobile, companies looking to trim costs are increasingly choosing to trim redundant fixed phone lines

Why It’s Time for an Employee Work-Life Balance Strategy

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As young people enter the workforce, employers will need to offer more scheduling flexibility and separation between the office and home

Why More Companies Are Allowing Employees to Work From Home

Louise Howard shows off the baby accessories she makes from her home in Montreal in May 2016. Howard is one of a growing number of Canadians working from home.Photo: Ryan Remiorz/CP

Telecommuting is on the rise as companies look to save money and respond to workers' wants

The Business Case for Giving Caregiver Employees More Flexibility


British firms have seen the benefits of supporting staff who look after loved ones. Why you should too