PROFIT Trade Tipsheets

Advice and proven tactics from
Canada’s fastest-growing exporters

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International trade presents one of the greatest growth opportunities for Canadian entrepreneurs and small businesses. To help your business exploit the full potential of foreign markets, we present the PROFIT Trade Tipsheets. Featuring the best export advice and strategies of the PROFIT 500: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, PROFIT Trade Tipsheets provide practical guidance on specific trade opportunities and issues.

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No.51How to prepare for the U.S. market

Franchisor Nurse Next Door says to have deep pockets, communicate your value proposition clearly and be patient

No.50The Art of Tailoring Your Message Abroad

Pür Gum has learned that what works to sell a product in one country may not work in others

No.49Get the Most Out of the Pros You Hire

Professional consultants can help you crack new markets. Just be prepared to work closely with one another

No.48How to Make a Foreign Factory Work

Setting up production in a foreign country can make a lot of sense—provided you do it right

No.47How to Build a Global Idea Pipeline

Toronto toymaker Spin Master systematically seeks out fresh ideas for new products from around the world

No.46How to Handle Foreign Corruption

One Canadian firm uses inducements and relationship-building to avoid being a victim in crime-filled Mexico

No.45How to Ensure Your Culture Goes Global

Vision Critical uses ‘disciples’ to ensure its foreign offices adhere to the overall
company philosophy

No.44How to Set Up R&D Overseas

Look for places with well-educated, stable workforces, and government incentives

No.43Master Your Global Distribution Network

If you want to succeed, it’s essential to set clear targets for distributors. Just don’t
micro-manage them

No.42How to Raise Your Tradeshow Game

Make your products stand out at massive consumer-goods fairs with superior location
and publicity

No.41Get the Best Foreign Distribution Deal

The best way to ensure your product’s delivery overseas is to choose the right distributor. Here’s how

No.40Make Your Financing Water-Tight

International expansion means moving cautiously, creatively and, for your banker’s
sake, reassuringly

No.39The Vertical Approach to Growth

Making yourself part of a niche industry is a proven way to fast-track your international expansion. Here’s how

No.38How to Communicate With Key Clients

4 ways to keep close to your essential international customers as your business grows

No.37How to Tweak Your Business Plan Abroad

Your success in Canada needs a makeover to fit in with other countries’ ways of
doing things

No.36What to Give Foreign Customers

Stop lugging samples on your overseas sales trips. Instead, think of more creative gifts for clients—like an iPad.

No.35Build Your Own ‘Local-Global’ Network

Tap into your province’s international diaspora to build your export business

No.34How to Train Staff to Win Foreign Sales

Wooing overseas clients shouldn’t just be the job of salespeople. For better results, get tech staff in on the pitch, too

No.33Smart SEO Tips for Selling Abroad

The 4 things Yardstick Software does to optimize its website for international prospects

No.32Think Locally to Grow Globally

Learn foreign consumers’ behaviour and learn when they’ll be ready to buy again

No.314 Ways to Win at a Trade Show

Homework and follow-up are as important as the exhibition itself

No.30Beat the Competition With Video

Simplify your product demos by putting them on YouTube

No.29Your Canton Trade Fair Survival Guide

Four ways to make the most of the vast Chinese exhibition and find the right private-label manufacturers.

No.285 Steps to an Effective Hybrid Sales Strategy

How to work with your foreign partner’s sales team to ensure your product is
well represented.

No.27How to Compete in a Niche Market

Four insider tips on how to win competitive contracts and still meet your profit margins.

No.26Build Instant Cred in New Markets

Four ways Canadian tech companies with innovative products can make a name for themselves in the States.

No.25You Don’t Need An Overseas Office

4 steps to providing services to clients worldwide without incurring travel expenses or hiring extra staff.

No.24The Subtleties of Business in Beijing

Avoid getting slammed by unusual tax laws and failing to clue into cultural nuances

No.233 Rules to Follow When Hiring Globally

How, when and where to recruit top international talent that can respond to a variety of regional demands

No.22Be Ready When the Unpredictable Hits

You can’t predict every issue you’ll face, but there are 4 basic ways to protect yourself from nasty surprises.

No.21Essential Facts About Letters of Credit

Pushing beyond the U.S. should be on every exporter’s todo list. How to avoid getting hoodwinked in the process

No.204 Steps to Disrupting the Supply Chain

How to jump the commercial queue and sell directly to the user, helping your product succeed in foreign markets

No.194 Steps to Securing U.S. Work Visas

Inside advice from a small Canadian exporter on how to move your workforce across
the border

No.18You Don’t Have to Ship From Canada

4 tips for setting up multiple foreign distribution facilities, while still staying in control of
your operation.

No.17Using a Bigger Partner to Land Global Clients

Big players can help you access new markets. Just make sure you’re still protecting
your business

No.16Finding the Perfect Overseas Agent

Hiring the right rep is one of the most effective and least risky ways to build your presence in a foreign market

No.15What You Must Know About Your U.S. Clients

They’ll pay you more, but they expect more in return. Be prepared for their demands

No.14How to Fake American

Gaining customer trust means walking, talking and acting like your U.S. competitors. And you’ll need more than just a satellite sales office to pull it off

No.13Easy Long-Distance Shipping

Check these 4 factors off you list to ensure you deliver your product—intact and on time—to global customers.

No.12The Best Way to Grow: Buy, Don’t Build

For easy access to new markets, acquire strategically. Here are 3 important guidelines for buying foreign companies

No.11Reality Check: 4 Truths About Exporting

What works in Canada may be totally wrong in another country. Be prepared to adapt

No.10Corruption: Just Say No

Canadian companies face stiff penalties if caught bribing an official. Tips on how to handle an illegal ask

No.09You’ll Need More Than Just a Contract

4 road-tested tips on how to potect yourself when partnering with a foreign company

No.085 Ways to Optimize Your Business Travel

If international trade has you criss-crossing the globe, these tips from a road warrior will help you get more from all that mileage

No.07How to Secure the Best Distributors

Finding reliable, honest distributors is critical for exporters. How to choose one you can count on

No.06Crucial Staffing Advice

How to put the right employees in place for successful sales out of your company’s foreign branch

No.055 Tips to Penetrating New Markets

How to ensure that your cross-border operations are sustainable

No.045 Tips to Help You Seduce Uncle Sam

One Canadian company’s tested strategy for doing business with U.S.
government agencies

No.03How To Embrace Your Customer’s Culture

How Zenergy won international clients by taking a multi-cultural, multi-lingual approach to doing business

No.02Do-It-Yourself Currency Hedging

How one Canadian tech firm learned to juggle loonies and greenbacks

No.015 Surprising Steps to Opening a U.S. division

What a fast-growing Toronto firm learned about the not-so-fast process of expanding stateside